Feel Simply Sumptuous with Food & Music

When you want to feel simply sumptuous with the best of food and music, you have to choose the restaurant with great care. It is not simply any food that should do for you. Cafes and fine dining restaurants will be completely different as will be a lounge and a bar and grill. The place that you ultimately choose will depend on the type of food that you desire followed then by a search for restaurants that offer the same. Music is another variable. That in a fine dining restaurant will not be the same in a bar and grill. While the former will be soft and subdued, the latter will have a more open approach and louder music.

So here a few tips on how you can match the two – food and music – and make eating out a wonderful experience. Each will be taken up as a separate entity because the restaurants with the best foods might not offer you the best in music.

Food & Music


With the world going online, your search for good food naturally starts here. Pick the cuisine that you want to taste – from burgers to oysters – and search online for that specific type of restaurant. Read the reviews and testimonials and you will have a fair idea of the fare dished out there. Now find out if they offer music and the type provided. It might be a DJ spinning out tracks or recorded music.

Once you have finalised a few places, go through the online menu and see what they have to offer. Once that too meets your requirements, it is time to troop into the place for some good food and great music.

For a fine dining experience, be prepared for some extra services. You will in all probability be escorted from the door to the table and the server will know all there is to it about the menu and the various dishes in the menu. Further, he will be able to guide you optimally about pairings of food and wine. And yes, the accent will be impeccable, like someone who has been under the tutelage of a voice coach in Melbourne or in any other city.

In such an establishment, you can be confident about the quality of food.


When you really want to feel sumptuous with good food and music, the type of music being played is as important as the food. Classical rock and jazz are perfect for fine dining where subduedness, subtlety should be the norm. Cafe music is louder and more brash with the same being the case for bar and grill. Inappropriate music with explicit lyrics and swear words too is a strict no-no in a public place mainly patronised by family and friends.

If you feel uncomfortable, with the music, contact the person-in-charge to switch music. And do not be afraid of clear communication. For instance, if you are a tourist in Australia you can be sure that the person you talk to will be as clear in speech like one who has taken vocal lessons in Melbourne.

Look for all these factors and once you get the combination right you will have a great food and music experience.