About Us

Food today has gone beyond the realm of just a means of sustenance to being a source of passion and creativity. Volumes are being written on the subject and food shows and carnivals are huge happenings on any annual events calendar. In this scenario and in the modern digital age, it is small wonder that there are many websites and exclusive food blog sites that cater exclusively to this subject.

While it is true that http://www.simplysumptuousfood.com.au is all about food, there are certain features that set us apart from the rest of the pack. For one, we are not focussed on one area of the topic. Most sites do just that – either it is recipes or exotic foods from around the world or celebrities writing on their cooking experience. However, from the very beginning and grounding of our site, we have refused to be typed into a category and have kept our doors open for blogs on any topic under the sun provided it is related to the niche of food.

This is what makes our blog site so interesting. For us food is not only a “eating to live” factor, we treat it as a scenario where people “live to eat” and enjoy its many fine experiences. We take our readers behind the scenes and offer information, news and even trivia on food.

A few examples will illustrate this point and our objectives better. On our blog site you will find write-ups on exotic dishes from faraway lands as well as utensils to be used for various recipes that will enhance taste and flavour. You will get information on the latest cooking gadgets being introduced in the market as well as foods that help in weight loss. We will have blogs on good kitchen practices as well as recipes for the working women rustling up dishes for the family before rushing off to work.

This is what makes our site unique and exclusive.

We also invite guest bloggers who are as fanatical about food as we are. We do not have any limitations on the scope of the blog so long as it pertains to food. And yes, the blogs should be original and yet unpublished in any journal or online blog site like ours.